Q & A

How long after making the purchase will I receive an access code?

After making a purchase via online payment, the system automatically grants access. Please log in and enter the My Account tab.


Are the tests questions the same as examination questions?

Yes, the database includes the questions used during the formal examination.


How much does access to the tests cost?

All the necessary information about costs are found under the Prices tab.


Can you offer anything more than a driving test app?

Yes, our company is a publishing house. Aside from the online access, we offer publications available at the address: sklep.sphcredo.pl and access to e-learning materials on dobreosk.pl.


Do I need a PC to do the tests?

No, our application supports tablets and smartphones as well. There is one price for using all of the above - you pay once, then access the tests using any of the aforementioned devices.

Where to download mobile versions?

Android system (Google Play Store):  Download
IOS (App Store): Download

Is the data syncing?

Yes. If you learn on a smartphone and connect to a wifi network, you can synchronize your data. Then, after logging in to pc, the progress of learning and exams will be counted.

Why can't I make a direct payment to your account?

Payment via PayU has two basic advantages. Firstly, it does not entail additional charges imposed on the customer. Secondly, it allows to automate operation of the ordering system - the customer obtains access immediately upon payment, before it is credited to our bank account).


Why can't I pay with a text message payment?

The text message payments entail additional costs of servicing this method of payment. It is approximately 50% of the payment. These costs would have to be incurred by the customers, which would entail an increase in the price of the service.


Why do you need my personal identification number (PESEL)?

In case of natural persons this number is required for the purpose of issuing a correct invoice (previously, it was the tax identification number (NIP). You can omit this obligation by entering a random string of 11 characters/digits.


How do you protect my data?

All the users' data are protected, pursuant to the Personal data protection act. The sets are submitted to GIODO (the Chief Inspector of Personal Data Protection), ABI (functioning also as ADO in the company) is responsible for their security.