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You are preparing for the driving test. We share with you on our website the opportunity to learn tests of each driving license category. To choose the correct license category, select from „access” list the period for which you want to use the tests and then click buy now!

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Are you preparing for the exam? Driving license for categories AM, A, B, C, D, T, PT, qualification introductory card, bicycle card, forklift trucks. Choose one of the most popular test categories and get ready with us. Prepare for the most popular exam service and pass the exam. Intuitive and friendly service and applications will allow to quickly assimilate the theory. Learn on proven and appreciated by students and   platform training centers.

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Driving course

The same questions as during the exam in WORD, MORD and PORD centers - do not get surprise. All official examination questions for driving license categories B and A, C, D, T, AM, A1, A2, B1, C1, D1, PT approved by the Verification Commission operating at the Ministry of Infrastructure. The questions have a comment justifying the correct one reply. The appearance of the tests is the same as in the exam at WORD, MORD and PORD. Join the ranks of satisfied customers with a driving license in your pocket. Trust on our experience (23 years in the driver training industry). Buy with your head, simple rules and 100% authenticity of questions! Study option and exam. Instant access to the website. Mobile application connected with access to the system.

Kierowcy zawodowi
Professional drivers

The same questions as in the state exam for a professional driver by commissions appointed by voivodeship offices - don't be surprised. Questions examination for the transport of dangerous goods (ADR), initial qualification C, initial qualification D, supplementary qualification C, supplementary qualification D, which replaced the old trainings for the transport of people and things. Join the group satisfied customers and become a professional driver. Rely on our experience (23 years in the driver training industry). Buy with your head, simple rules and 100% the authenticity of the questions! Learning and exam options. Immediate access to the site.

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You are on the best driving test learning site. using With our application, you can easily prepare for the driving test to pass it first together! PC, Tablet, Mobile phone? Decide on what equipment you learn with no additional floss!

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Driving test
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The exam day is the time for the student to verify the acquired theoretical and practical skills. A positive result from the test part entitles you to proceed to the next stages - vehicle preparation, driving around the maneuvering yard and going to the city. However, the lucky moment of receiving a driving license is preceded by study hours. Course, driving lessons with an instructor, exam registration and ... you start to get stressed, do you really know and know everything? Won't you get the signs and rules wrong? Will you be able to answer in the required time? No need! You've come to the right place - with us you will pass the theory without any problem. On the website you will find the official database of driving tests for all categories. Our goal is to facilitate the tedious process of learning theory by future drivers by providing simple, up-to-date and effective learning tools. The key to success is solid preparation! Remember that great knowledge of the rules will help you quickly make the right decisions on the practical exam and later, when you sit behind the wheel as a driver. Our company has over 23 years of experience in the driver training industry. When you choose tests.portalnaukiś, you decide on professionals.

Theoretical exam 2024 - course and rules
To prepare well, it's important to understand the structure of the exam and know what to expect. We go to the driving test with a valid identity document - it can be an ID card, residence card or passport. The examination procedure itself is carried out in the computer room of the Provincial Road Traffic Center. Candidates take the test - the computer selects an individual set of questions for each of them. The driving test is divided into two parts: the first contains 20 basic knowledge questions and the second 12 expertise questions related to a specific driving license category. In the first part, the test taker has 20 seconds to read the question and 15 seconds to answer "YES" or "NO". Depending on the importance for road safety, for each correct answer we get 3, 2 or 1 point, where the questions for 3 points are 10, for 2 points - 6, and for 1 point - 4. In the second part of the exam we have 50 seconds for Read the question and answer "A", "B" or "C". As in the first part, correct answers are scored depending on their importance for road safety. The second part contains 6 questions for 3 points, 4 questions for 2 points and 2 questions for 1 point. During the exam, you need to be as focused as possible: the questions in both parts are single-choice. Another major difficulty for the candidates is the inability to go back to previous questions. Videos for each question are shown only once. The entire exam takes up to 25 minutes. The condition for passing the theory test is getting at least 68 points out of 74 possible. A passed theoretical exam is valid indefinitely, which means that if for some reason we cannot take the practical exam immediately, we can do it even after several years. This provision applies to all driving license categories.

Preparation for the theoretical exam
The theory of traffic regulations and rules is discussed in a course at a driver training center. As part of the preparation, it will be useful to read the student's guide and familiarize yourself with the traffic code. Then comes the time to systematize your knowledge - preferably with tests and mock exams. Remembering the rules and individual values, speeds or distances will be greatly facilitated by well-constructed driving license tests, i.e. those that are up-to-date and comply with the standards of the state examination. By choosing tests on our portal, you have the guarantee that the exam will not surprise you. We update our database of questions on an ongoing basis. In the tests available on our website, you will only find questions approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

All categories in one place
Our portal provides reliable tools for learning theory, not only for the "B" category. With us, you can easily pass the theoretical exam for categories "A", "C", "AM", "D", "T", "PT" - all in one place! We guarantee you a passed theoretical exam in each category.

Online driving tests - training makes perfect
Systematic test execution allows you to gain awareness of your own knowledge, which helps to fight the enemy number one of all test takers, i.e. stress. Well prepared, we can easily pass the theory exam the first time. One of the advantages of the tests we offer is the option to track your progress. Thanks to it, we know which issues we have already mastered and what we still need to work on. We have also made sure that you can keep track of exactly how many seconds the answer takes you